I do offer all kind of social and private meetings:



Fetish with Elegance: Leather, FF-Stockings, 6 and more Straps Garter Belts and much more on request

Erotic Massage

Domination and Phantasie - sessions

Try not to feel too embarrassed to tell me of your desires. I am very broadminded and understanding of individual needs, and as such you may feel free to discuss all manner of subjects. Be assured that anything you tell me about yourself and your desires will always be treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality.

You will also be given a safeword or signal to use during the session if for whatever reason you feel the need to call a halt to an activity. In all other aspects I am in control of the session, your safeword however will always be respected.

And lastly, it is okay to be nervous. Even the experienced are nervous. You don't have to be worried with me about what you have to do, how well you are going to perform, or any of the other things you might think you have to worry about. Here is where I am in control, and the only thing you have to do is to submit and obey. You will be amazed at the release you will experience once you surrender to your inner self and find your true freedom… bound at My feet.

I am also very, very sensual.. but it's not really about the physical, not my flashing eyes or velvet lips.. It's about My mind, and yours, and where they meet in the sadosexual magic of dominance and submission. I live it, I breathe it, and I can take you into its deepest sweetest darkest depths…

Step into My world. Walk the thin edge between pleasure and pain, the dark path of erotic torment and seduction, abase yourself at My feet, and bathe in the ecstasy of your surrender.

But then I'm not always intent on stealing away your soul. On first meeting, you will actually find me to be very good natured and easy to talk with.

But this is just a part of the mystery and the promise of who and what I am. If you wish to know more of Me, then read on… and if you wish to contact Me, then please take the time to read all of the relevant information on My website before you do so.

See, you do as I say and we'll get along just fine!